About Us

Our Mission: At Kerst & Caskey Family Dentistry, our team is dedicated to providing an uniquely high level of care to all patients. By taking the time to get to know your specific dental needs, we can create a comfortable, relaxing experience focused on improving and maintaining your oral health. When you become a patient of Drs. Kerst or Caskey, you become part of the family.

To provide the highest level of care possible, putting patients before all else.

Core Values

  1. Patient Care - providing our patients with high quality, predictable care 
  2. Extraordinary Service - treating our patients and ourselves with respect and love, focusing on relationships and people over everything else
  3. Community Involvement - taking part in our community to improve oral health, education, leadership, in whatever capacity our community needs
  4. Supporting our Team - providing better care and education for patients by providing the best education and work experience for doctors and team
  5. Appreciation - reminding our patients, our team, and our community that we are so happy to be a part of their lives
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